The only website that lets you give a KRAP


First off, this website is about raising money to upgrade KRAP! Everybody wants better KRAP. In this case better KRAP is an FM signal to add to our KRAP(py) AM signal.

No, this site is not a spoof site. This is serious stuff! KRAP is a for-real radio station licensed by the FCC to broadcast at 1350 KiloHertz. The station has been on the air at 1350 AM since 1984. We’re an all-sports radio station. We broadcast the CBS Sports Radio network as well as play by play broadcasts of the St. Louis Blues and Kansas City Chiefs. We stream 24-7-365. Remember, we’re on AM. And who listens to AM anymore? Well, maybe us radio nerds, but that’s about it.

So last year the FCC announces that it’s going to allow AM stations to have an FM signal as well! Click here for the official FCC info.  Hooray! But there’s a catch. The AM stations have to buy an FM “translator” license (a relatively low power station that re-transmits another station’s signal) from another broadcaster within 250 miles of our current AM tower. Guess what? The price of FM translator licenses goes UP! The going price is about $40K. We need another $10K for equipment. So our nut to crack is 50 Grand! But the FCC “window” to buy one of these FM translator licenses will only be open until sometime this summer. If we snooze, we lose.Yes, we’ve been to the banks. A bunch of banks. And we’ve heard a bunch of “NOs”. So that’s why we’re asking you to Give a KRAP!

For years we’ve been helping out charities and not-for-profits. That’s what we do. But now we’re turning the tables and asking you to help us! Selfish? Some might think so. But we’re not asking for something for nothing. We’re offering several ad packages and other goodies.  Click here to check stuff you can buy.

But if you just want to send us some money, we’ll be more than happy to take whatever you want to send us.

You can listen to KRAP by clicking on the banner below.